Music at First


The FUMC Choir 

Join us! All are welcome to participate, regardless of age or musical ability.

We work hard and strive for excellence, searching for wonder and beauty in the music we carefully prepare. Singing is the most obvious and visible activity, but making music is only the beginning of what we do. As choir members we are invited to be worship-leaders, partners in music ministry on Sunday mornings and beyond the walls of our building; we each strive to be a pastoral musician, inspiring through music, serving others, encouraging all to sing and feel like they belong.


Bell Choirs

Interested in music but not necessarily singing?

Eugene FUMC's bell choirs are the place for you.  Each of our two bell choirs performs unique and exciting repertoire once a month, sometimes in collaboration with the FUMC Choir.  For more information, please contact our wonderful bell choir director, Shira Fadeley.


Concerts at first 

Concerts at First is an an outreach ministry of Eugene FUMC.

They are an expression of the talents and passions of the music staff and volunteers, supported by the church and offered to our community. We welcome all who come through our doors and pride ourselves in hosting affordable live music by local and international musicians featuring the finest repertoire.


Special events 

We believe in equality.  We believe in social justice.  We believe in meaningful dialogue across difficult boundaries.  We believe in the change that comes from working in and around our communities.  We believe in the hope for better days ahead.

Eugene FUMC is proud to offer special events and concerts that benefit local, regional, and national communities and causes.  Whether you're a regular or someone who's never stepped foot in the church, you'll find something to believe in, and work towards, here.

Listen to our music.

Performed by Todd Johnson, the composer, and the Angelus Dei Bell Choir from the First United Methodist Church in Salem, Oregon.