Justice and Mission Matters (JAMM)


There is no doubt that justice and mission matter to the First United Methodist Church of Eugene, and this team is all about advancing that work.  We seek Justice, especially for those groups or causes that are downtrodden, or unable to successfully fend for themselves. Further, we identify mission opportunities that can direct the energy of the full congregation toward finding ways to assist those in need. We see social inequities every day on the streets of Eugene with the treatment of the homeless and the hungry.  It is our mission as given by Jesus Christ to reach out to and connect with oppressed people wherever they are.

Our Vision

To be the eyes and ears of our congregation, sensing places of pain, poverty, oppression, violence and ecological ruin and their root causes. To create acts of mission, advocacy and community transformation from what we see and hear and engage our people in these acts. To be in constant reflection on our experiences in order to discern what God calls us to do next.