Community Meetings

Our facility is located downtown Eugene, 1376 Olive Street, so it is a great location for the community to hold events. Some of the regular organizations that use our facilities include:

Alcoholics Anonymous
Alcoholics Anonymous Meditation Group
Boy Scouts Troop 61
Central Eugene Group
Church Women United
Depressive Bipolar Support Alliance
Eugene Parent Child Preschool
First Place Family Shelter
Heath Care for All
Jefferson Neighbors
LULAC (Latin American Citizens)
NAMI Connections
NAMI Hearing Voices
Overeaters Anonymous 
Oregon Children’s Choir
Rose Children’s Theater
St. Vincent de Paul
Women’s Action for New Direction

Friday, 12 noon
Monday, 12 noon
Tues, 6:30 pm & Sat, 9 am
Monday, 7 pm 
Tuesday, 8 pm
Call for information   
2nd & 4th Mondays, 7 pm

1st Tuesday, 7 pm
2nd Tuesday, 7 pm
2nd Saturday, 10:30 am
Tuesday, 3:30 pm
1st & 3rd Thursday, 6 pm
Saturday, 9:30 am

Tuesday, 10 am
Thursday, 9 am
4th Thursday, 6:30 pm


Other organizations that hold events at FUMC: That’s My Farmer, League of Women Voters, Concerts at First, Willamette Farm & Food Coalition, HIV Alliance and Lane Peace Center. Please review the Facility Rental  information if you are interested in using the building.


"Hope in Action" at FUMC

Seven local grade schools participated in "Hope in Action." This event teaches the students about being "Green." The students say that “Hope” is how we can be more loving and compassionate and “Action” is how we make it happen! Mayor Kitty Piercy says that, “First United Methodist Church is a great place to hold this event as the church is an example of “walking the talk” to make the world a better place.” She also told the students that there is a lot that they can do to make the world a better place. They can grow things at their school for the lunch program, they can join the “green school program,” they can recycle and much more! Some of the workshops that the students had to choose from: Small Differences that Make Big Changes, Stream Bank Stabilization, Greenhouse Effect and Cool Schools, Youth Grow-Summer Gardening, Recycling and Conflict resolution.  In closing, Mayor Kitty Piercy says, “Be proud of yourselves, bring the information that you learn back to your school and to your home and go out and be great steward of the earth!”

Hope in Action