Justice and Mission Matters - JAMM

JAMM is the acronym for Justice And Mission Matters. While we all know that Justice and Missions matter in the First United Methodist Church, this board functions to promote and direct the flow of efforts that will move us toward these ends. As the name implies, we seek Justice, especially for those groups or causes that are downtrodden, or unable to successfully fend for themselves. Further, we define Missions that can direct the energy of the full congregation toward finding ways to assist those in need. We see social inequities every day on the streets of Eugene with the treatment of the homeless, minorities, the hungry, and any other bias that degrades classes of people on the basis of age, gender, sexuality, handicap, and yes even their religion. These same biases and ill treatments exist elsewhere in this country and the world, and it is our mission as given by Jesus Christ to reach out to oppressed people where they are.

Our Vision

To be the eyes and ears of our congregation, sensing places of pain, poverty, oppression, violence and ecological ruin and their root causes. To create acts of mission, advocacy and community transformation from what we see and hear and engage our people in these acts. To be in constant reflection on our experiences in order to discern what God calls us to do next.

Sock it to Missions

Once again it is that time of year when this church opens it heart and its pocket book to provide assistance to those in need far and near. Sock it to Missions has looked at some of the need in our community and some that extends from our church community to the world. We propose dividing the funds that come in through your generous gifts to provide assistance to the following organizations. So pick up your sock at worship beginning December 8th, and bring the sock back with your gift by the end of the year.

Sock it to Missions

GANTA:  This Dental Mission trip is led by Sandy Harland and commemorates hers and Bob’s efforts in Liberia 25 years ago.   

Sock it to Missions

CAMBODIA: This is a continuing mission led by Betsy Guinn.  Funds are used for funding teachers, providing scholarships for students, and improving educational facilities.  Our money buys a lot in Cambodia—a teacher’s salary is $500 per year.

Sock it to Missions

KENYA:  This mission trip was first participated in last year by Debbie and Keenan Hansen.  The mission served last year with Maua Methodist Hospital.  Kathy Kingsbury will lead our local group in 2014.

Sock it to Missions

CREATION VACATIONS:  This mission provides low income families camping experiences at Magruder and Suttle Lake.  It is a vacation/camping experience or those who don’t often get that chance.  

Sock it to Missions

OCCUPY MEDICAL BUS:  This mission provides medical care to those who cannot afford it.  Staffed by volunteer medical professionals every Sunday, there is a strong need for medical supplies, especially related to wound care, foot care, and personal hygiene.

Sock it to Missions OPPORTUNITY VILLAGE:  This mission provides temporary housing for the homeless.  They are in the process of constructing a “Commons Yurt building” for community gatherings, dining, and recreation.  


Kenya Mission Trip, July 2013


Guatemala Mission Trip

Thanks to FUMC there are another 72 families and 1 school in Guatemala with stoves and water filters.  With our efforts fewer children will be burned, there will be less pneumonia (the leading cause of death in Guatemala) and fewer eye problems.  The water filters will decrease the rampant diarrheal illnesses that contribute to one of the highest infant mortality rates in Central and South America.   With the efficient O’Neil stoves families will use only 1/5th of their previous amount of firewood which can save them up to 40% of their disposable income.  This almost always goes to the children mostly in a way that allows them to go to school.  All of the above will make a big difference in the lives of these families, again thanks to the generosity of our Church.

In Guatemala the team divided into 4 groups and each group was fortunate to have someone who spoke Spanish.  With this we were able to get to know the families we served and felt very close to them by the time we left their homes.  Most often we left with hugs and profound expressions of gratitude with the families asking God’s blessings on us, our families, and those who sent us.               

Each of the team members were also profoundly moved by these Mayan people.  We were amazed at their resilience after so much tragedy from over 3 decades of Civil War ending in 1999 and nearly 5 centuries of economic and political suppression.  Their love of family and community was heart-warming and we were so happy to be able to improve their lives and be part of their hope for the future.  It was hard work but a joy.  We all want the opportunity to return and hope to have many of you join us in this experience which has changed our perspective as well as our lives.  We are also more grateful for what we have and find it more difficult to complain.  We return with a greater sense of joy and oneness with these beautiful people of God’s creation.  It has been a fulfilling experience in many ways.  


Lunch Bag Ministry

The church office gives out 10 lunch bags per day to those in need. The bags are packed by members of the church and lunch items are also donated by church members.

Lunch Bag Ministry

FOOD for Lane County, The Dining Room

Every third Wednesday of the month, FUMC members participate in meal preparation, serving and clean up at the Dining Room. No cooking is required! Sign up for one or more shifts! Call Jane Brolsma at 541-345-8764 if you feel called to help with this ministry!

Serving at the FFLC Dining Room