Facility Rental

Building Use Application Safe Sanctuary Waiver & Release Form Safe Sanctuary Policy

FEE SCHEDULE: Fees are for the first four hours of use. Additional fees will apply for every hour over the four hour period. Fees must be paid one week prior to the scheduled event.

Fellowship Hall $225.00 (over 4 hrs. = $40/hour)*
Sanctuary $450.00 (over 4 hrs. = $75/hour)
Piano Fee (maintenance) $15.00
Room 19 $80.00 (over 4 hrs. = $15/hour)
Parlor, Library, Classrooms $60.00 (over 4 hrs. = $10/hour)
Kitchen $125.00 (over 4 hrs. = $20/hour
Kitchen Hostess (required) $15.00 (per hour)
P.A. System $20.00 (use only)
P.A. System Operator $25.00 (per hour)
Custodial Fee $20.00 (per hour, 2 hr. minimum)
Set Up/Clean Up $20.00 (per hour)
Reset Fee for Sanctuary $100.00 (for Saturday night Sanctuary use)
Building Supervisor $20.00 (per hour, 4 hr. minimum, 150+ persons)
(300+ persons 2 supervisors)
Recovery/Support Groups $50.00 (per month)

 In the event of church priority use, First United Methodist Church of Eugene may cancel this agreement or change the accommodations with notice of 30-60 days.
*Non-profit fees for Fellowship Hall = $125.00 for first 4 hours; over 4 hours $40/hour.


1. Payment

All user fees must be paid in full in the church office one week prior to the scheduled event.

2. Room Condition and Damage

Facilities are expected to be left in the condition in which they were found. An extra clean-up fee will be charged if necessary. The user is responsible for replacement or repair of damages caused by any user in its group. Furnishings may not be moved unless moved under the supervision of the paid staff of the church. No items of any type may be attached to the walls. Chalkboards and easels may be used if cleared with staff prior to the meeting. Keys will not be given to outside organizations. First United Methodist Church does not provide video or audio equipment to outside groups. Sound equipment may be used for an additional rental fee of $20 (see fee schedule). A sound booth operator is mandatory in the sanctuary. (See fee schedule for charges.)

3. Storage

Outside groups are not allowed to store items inside the church between meetings. Exceptions to this rule may be made by the church office. The church will assume no responsibility for security of items stored in the church by outside groups.

4. Alcohol, drugs and smoking

No smoking, drugs or alcohol consumption is allowed either in the buildings or in the courtyards. The outside group using the building is responsible for monitoring the premises to prevent the above.

5. Closing Time

The outside doors to the church will be locked at 8:00 p.m. If a group expects members to arrive later than 8:00, they must station someone at the door to let the late-comer into the building. The doors will not be left propped open or unlocked. All meetings must be concluded by 9:30 p.m. so that the church building can be secured by church personnel no later than 10:00 p.m.

6. Publicity

When an outside group using First United Methodist Church plans to publicize a meeting, the advertising shall contain a clause that states that First United Methodist Church of Eugene neither endorses or sponsors the particular group’s activity.

7. Utilities

User should keep room doors closed to conserve heat. Lights should be turned off after use.

8. Kitchen Use

There is a fee of $125 for use of the kitchen, along with a fee for the Kitchen Hostess (listed on fee schedule). The kitchenette (which has a sink, refrigerator and range top) may be used at no additional charge.

9. Cancellation

In the event of church priority use, First United Methodist Church of Eugene may cancel this agreement or change the accommodations with notice of 30-60 days.

10. Renewal

Reservations for continued periodic use by groups regularly using our facilities must be renewed by September 1 of each year.

11. Violations

Violations of these rules is sufficient grounds for First United Methodist Church to immediately withdraw any group’s use of facilities and/or deny future use.