Caring Visitors is a program where lay people care for the elders in the church in a one on one setting and help keep them connected to God’s love. Our covenant as a Caring Visitor is with God’s help and the support of my church family I will try to:

Adults - Visit with a person at least once a month along with other contact (card, phone, e-mail).
- Make sure the one you visit knows you are an official visitor of the church (leave a card).
- Fill out “Caring Visitor Monthly Connection” card and place it in the box at the back of the sanctuary.
- Inform clergy immediately of situations that call for quick or broader response.
- Participate in 1-2 annual training sessions, held during Sunday school hour.
- Enjoy the depth of a relationship made possible by being attentive to another child of God.
- Call Coordinator or Visitation Pastor quickly if you have questions about your visit.
- Consider the possibility of serving Communion monthly to the one you visit.


Join a CGroup Today! Find out what you didn’t know you were missing! We’ll do our best to find an existing group or a new group to meet your needs. 

Adults Class: like John Wesley’s class meetings, CGroups are 8-12 people sharing faith, accountability & companionship on life’s journey.
Curiosity: we ask each other “How is it with your soul?” and really want to know.
Compassion: we choose our own group direction of study, discussion & growth, our shared passion.
Community: we are “inner-directed” and “other-directed”, balancing our personal lives with servanthood action in the community.
Covenant: whether we meet weekly, monthly or every other week, we promise to be there and create a safe space where everyone can be heard.

If you have any questions about Caring Visitors or CGroups, contact the church office, 541-345-8764.